January Meeting Minutes

Gold Rush Elementary Assistance Team

Meeting Minutes: January 9, 2017

Date: January 9, 2017

Location: Gold Mine Room

Time: 8:54 am

Meeting called to order by: Angel Zayaz – President


Linda Leonard

Leslie Stoops

Rachelle Brooke

Nikki Driessner

Amanda Paschal

Linda Ericson

Kelly Binder

Jenny Brown

Angel Zayaz

Katie Mudd

Approval of Minutes: Minutes from December meeting were approved.

Officer Reports:

  1. Presidents’ Report: Teachers have paperwork for the teacher grants (due February 29) and the student gift cards (due January 13). Drawing for gift cards will be announced next Friday the 20th. PTO needs to ensure there is a photo release for all students prior to sharing photo.
  2. Treasurer’s Report: Rachelle gave notice she is resigning as Treasurer. Amanda Paschal will become the primary Treasurer and the co-treasurer position will soon be available. Rachelle presented the financial report. Digger Dash had one check returned due to insufficient funds. The total has been reduced by the $24. She is waiting to see if there is a charge to PTO for the returned check. Digger Dash transfer did not happen because the PTO is still waiting on Colorado Gives to process over $500 in donations. We have not received any money from Colorado Gives since September. Next year it may be easier to use a different process. The western night charge for using the credit card machine was $2. There are checks from Chili’s and Box Tops waiting to be deposited. It is recommended the PTO have petty cash in the budget next year – this will require a change to the by-laws and there will need to be a maximum amount set. The payment to remove ads from the web site is a reoccurring monthly charge, so Rachelle has asked if PTO can use the school card and give them a lump sum for the year. She is still waiting to hear back.

Principle’s Report:

Jenny reported that the school is looking at developing an app to notify parents about weather delays. Jenny also reported that the pedestrian bridge is open and the school has been monitoring to ensure kids are using it. The school is not responsible for snow removal. The City of Parker reports the Horse Creek HOA is responsible.

New Business:

  • Sock Hop – Angel reported it is only 3 weeks away. Angel will need parents at the doors to collect quarters. A sign up for volunteers including the cake walk will go out. The office will send out the sign up to see if we can get more people to participate. PTO approved $200 cash for the Sock HOP for change, etc. Life Touch will be doing a photo booth. PTO will attempt to pre-sell tickets for the cake walk and pizza. A flyer will be sent home and tickets sold after school.
  • Community Night – The cow will be outside Thursday at 3:15pm to advertise the Chick-Fil-A night.
  • End of the Year event – The PTO will do a Hawaiian day tentatively set for May 26. Students may dress up and will lunch with their teacher.
  • Used Book Fair –  Tentatively set for May 30 & 31. PTO will advertise in March before people spring clean.
  • Shoe Box Program –  Rachelle contacted student council. Student Council has a “giving back week” planned and could collect shoes as part of the week. They are open to giving the PTO the funds raised. PTO wondered if this would be a good project for Earth Day.

Committee Reports:

  1. Box Tops:  Competition ends February 16. Rachelle received a check for those submitted. Nikki Driessner may take this over when Rachelle leaves.
  2. Spirit Wear – Rachelle reported no vendors have returned messages.
  3. Community Nights – Need new ideas for places in Parker
  4. Conference Teacher Meals –  will discuss at the board meeting. It was suggested to do Subway/Jersey Mikes/Jimmy Johns and have parents bring in soups.
  5. Open positions – The vice president position is open. Spread the word if you know someone who would be interested. Several committee positions are open. Rachelle made a motion to separate “Event Coordinator” into 3 separate committees: Sock Hop, Western Night, and Used Book Sale. Amanda Paschal seconded and it was approved. Kelly Binder was approved as the Sock Hop committee chair.  Open committee positions include: Spirit Wear, Digger Dash, Western Night, Used Book Sale. PTO is looking to get these filled and get more parents involved.

Upcoming events:

    1. February 7thPTO Meeting
    2. February 16thCommunity Night @Chipotle

 Adjournment of meeting took place at 10:50am

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