PTO Character Awards Presented Today

GRE PTO was proud to partner with Total Orthodontics in Lonetree for recognizing students for outstanding character, good citizenship, and core values in the classroom.


After winter break, PTO distributed nomination forms to every teacher from kindergarten to fifth grade. Those nominations were turned in last week and reviewed at the PTO Board Meeting on Wednesday where one student from each grade level was selected to receive the award.

In partner with Total Orthodontics, the children were recognized this morning during morning announcements and called to the office to receive their award and have their picture taken. In addition, Total Orthodontics presented each child with a $25 gift card to Target for their achievement in the classroom.

We look forward to our partnership with Total Orthodontics to provide Character Awards to our students twice a year, with the next awards being given in April or May following a new round of teacher nominations.

We congratulate the following students:

Kindergarten, Bobby Donohoe: “Always a friend to everyone. Always does his best and puts others before himself. A great helper. Does great work, is kind, caring, and helpful even when no one is looking.”
First Grade, Mary Armstrong: “Mary is an exceptional student and classmate! She is always listening, participating, and doing her very best! She is also kind and helpful to everyone!”
Second Grade, Brady Bliesmer: “Brady is taking the initiative to be an independent learner. He is challenging himself to try new strategies that he has never used before and taking risks in the classroom. Brady is such a responsible learner that he uses his free time to finish class work because he cares about learning and wants to do his best!”
Third Grade, Gavin Binder: “He is always striving to do the right thing during every part of the school day. He is excited to learn and brings other materials from home to help enhance what we are learning about in class. He is seen as our class geologist. He gets along with everyone and is a great friend.”
Fourth Grade, Kendelle Hansen: “Kendelle is a very kind student! She always is pushing herself to be a better student. She makes all those around her better because of her kindness and perseverance.”
Fifth Grade, Emma Poole: “Emma is a very compassionate student. Often I find her taking time out of her recess or personal time to check on her peers when they are having a rough day. No matter how difficult a situation is, she is a ray of sunshine to those around her. Our world needs more people like Emma!”

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