February Meeting Minutes

Gold Rush Elementary Assistance Team

Date: February 7, 2017

Location: Gold Mine Room

Time: 8:50 am

Meeting called to order by: Angel Zayaz – President


Linda Leonard

Rachelle Brooke

Amanda Paschal

Marley Dombrower

Jenny Brown

Angel Zayaz

Approval of Minutes: Minutes from January meeting were approved.

 Officer Reports:

  1. Presidents’ Report: Sock Hop – Used all 10 cases of water and all 8 cases of soda; all 12 gallons of ice cream were used; have 8 bottles of root beer left over; PTO had to buy cookies for the cake walk – only 3 items were left at the end of the night; there was a great volunteer turn out; next year consider sending home an order form for pre-purchasing tickets and possibly move the line out of the entrance for fire hazard issues and so people know they don’t have to stand in line to get in; next year look into getting big fans or asking to turn AC on in the gym due to heat.
  2. Treasurer’s Report: We still need to pay for the use of the kitchen, the custodian, and the credit card reader fee, but our current profit from the sock hop is $1,468.64. Recommend next year having two cash boxes – one for food and one for candy shop. Candy shop should have $40 in quarters. Food should have $200 in $1 bills, $100 in $5 bills, $100 in $10 bills, $40 in quarters. PTO has received the online donations from Digger Dash, next year we should consider going back to PayPal due to the issues from this year in getting the funds. PTO is unable to use the school credit card for the web site, Marley has offered to use her credit card and PTO will reimburse her for the cost.

Principle’s Report:

Jenny reported this month the school has a door decorating contest and class parties. This morning a budget meeting took place. Jenny advised the school estimates an enrollment of 600. Kindergarten classes will increase to 2 full day and 3 half day. 2nd grade will have 5 classes and all other grades 4 classes. Due to the changes in class distribution the school will have an excess of laptops and a lack of tablets. Jenny asked if PTO would consider using the Digger Dash funds next year for IPads for the lower grades and robot extensions for the upper grades. She will put together a list of specific needs and wants so a goal can be determined.

 New Business:

Spirit Wear – Amanda talked to ProCorp last night, and she hopes to have more information later this week.

Outreach Committee – PTO discussed why this was removed from the committees and feel that having the school Principal contact the PTO President and having the board act on needs will meet our current level of need at the school. No changes will be made at this time.

Edukits – Christine will head this up again. PTO will round up the cost to the next whole dollar. Thumb drives and head phones will not be offered this year due to the extra labor involved.

Chick Fil A Moola Funds – Rachelle motions PTO go back to taking the Moola dollars at Chick Fil A due to the loss we will take for cash. Linda seconds. Motion approved. Linda motions PTO use Moola money for Teacher conferences for wraps and nuggets. Parents will be asked for salads, fruit, drinks (Diet Coke and Sprite, not water), desserts, or cash donations. Rachelle seconds. Motion approved.

The PTO will do a Hawaiian day tentatively set for May 26. Students may dress up and will lunch with their teacher.

Spring Book Fair –  Set for April 10-14. Theme is Happy Camper.

Committee Reports:

  1. Box Tops:  Competition ends February 16. Nikki Driessner is taking this over on Thursday.
  2. Labels for Education – Last submission is ready to be sent and the remaining funds will be used to purchase large coolers for Digger Dash use.

Upcoming events:

    1. March 7thPTO Meeting
    2. February 16thCommunity Night @Chipotle

 Adjournment of meeting took place at 10:50am

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