January Board Meeting Minutes

Gold Rush Elementary Assistance Team

: January 18, 2017

Location: Gold Mine Room

Time: 8:42 am

Meeting called to order by: Rachelle Brooke – Treasurer


Linda Leonard

Rachelle Brooke

Amanda Paschal

Teacher Meals: Rachelle moves to use Chick-fil-a Moola dollars from community nights for spring teacher meals during conferences to 100% cater the meals. We have $982 available. Get platters, wraps, soups, cookies, see if they can supply lemonade. PTO can provide soda. Linda seconds. Board approved.

Teacher appreciation meal:  Amanda moves to use any remaining Moola dollars for catering teacher appreciation meal. If we are short PTO can ask parents for food donations. Linda seconds. Board approved.

Rachelle moves in the future the PTO take the cash minus the fee rather than moola dollars from Chick-fil-a community nights. This will allow the PTO to spend the funds as needed. Amanda seconds. Board unanimously approved.

Family in need: Rachelle moves to use $200 left from the teacher meal budget, digger dash budget, and western night budget to get a gift card from Target to help them with their immediate needs. Rachelle will also go through the PTO gift cards to see if there are any that might be of use to the family. Linda seconds. Board approved.

PTO web site: Amanda moves to add a line item to the budget reading “PTO web site ($35.88/yr) paid through 2019 on school credit card – must be paid again in 2019”.  Linda seconds. Board approved.

Rachelle moves to transfer funds to the school and use credit card to pay 3 years of fees ($107.64). Linda seconds. Board approved.

Spirit wear: Amanda spoke with ProCorp (Kathy Mohr and Mel). She has asked them to either come to February 7th meeting or give us 2 other dates to meet.

Student awards: To be given out Friday

K- Bobby Donohoe

1st– Mary Armstrong

2nd– Brady Bliesmer

3rd – Gavin Binder

4th – No submissions, contacted Jenny to inquire with teachers

5th – Emma Poole

Angel set up a community night May 11 at Panera and Orange Leaf

At next PTO meeting discuss by-laws (President, website, Facebook, email, social media, and outreach committee )

Adjournment of meeting took place at 10:24am

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