May Meeting Minutes

Gold Rush Elementary Assistance Team

Meeting Minutes: May 9, 2017


Date: May 9, 2017

Location: Gold Mine Room

Time: 8:55 am

Meeting called to order by: Angel Zayaz – President

Attendance: Angel Zayaz, Linda Leonard, Amanda Paschal, Marly Dombrower, Jenny Brown, Nikki Driessner

Approval of Minutes: Minutes from April meeting were approved.


Officer Reports:

  1. Presidents’ Report: See later items.
  2. Treasurer’s Report: Amanda and Marly to attend treasurer training next week.

Sock Hop: Credit Card fees were $5.11. Panda Express community nights PTO netted $160; Orange Leaf $50.00.

29/36 teacher grants have been submitted – submissions now closed. PTO will offer a new round in August.

Web site payment: has been completed. Marly to submit the bill for reimbursement.

Labels for Education – We received 2 gift cards for $150. Both are on the gift card spread sheet.


Principle’s Report:

Gold Rush Green Initiative – have met with some schools and will be taking a trip to see another. Have spoken with a school using a composter (cost around $5,000). May need to purchase a cooler and/or shredder depending on what program/s move forward. Need to reach out to Parker Task Force to see what could be donated.


New Business:

Book Fair –Cash profit from the Spring book fair is $2,724.43. Angel moves to transfer the funds to the Gold Rush Library. Marly seconds.

Shoe Box Program – 1 ¾ boxes of shoes were sent in. Will see if we get anything. Next year recommend partnering with another organization, however silver lining is that shoes stayed out of the landfills.

Western Night – September 8th. Need food truck/s if anyone has a contact.

Used Book Sale – Collecting books now.


Committee Reports:


  1. Box Tops: $903.90 check was received. Need to do a June 1 submission for tops expiring. App to submit receipts is available but needs to be tested over the summer.
  2. Spirit Wear – First order of spirit wear was received. Invoice for items was $1,739.70. Angel moves to approve payment of invoice. Nikki seconds.

PTO set prices for items as follows: Ladies embroidery jacket $48; Adult embroidery hoodie $25; Youth hoodie silk screened $20; Adult scoop tee $12; Ladies V-neck $12; any shirt/jacket/hoodie over XL will add $2 per item; Youth class tees $8; Window cling estimate at $5 (need to confirm price we will pay based on volume for clings before offering for sale.)

PTO will fund shirts for students on the reduced lunch program.

Discussed offering a free cling to anyone who orders their student shirt through online registration (would add a check box to ensue only people who want one would get one to keep cost and waste down.). Could also offer on the order form as an incentive. Discussed splitting cost of clings with school. Discussion was tabled to allow everyone time to consider options and allow the school to look at budget

  1. Community Nights – Angel has set for next year. A list was handed out. Web site to be updated with list for next year.
  2. Edukits: Advertisement has begun. Order now.


Upcoming events:

    1. May 11 – Panera Community Night
    2. August 15thPTO Meeting


Adjournment of meeting took place at 11:10am



May 19, 2017

Shirt discussion due to issues with web site for registration, SAC, and pricing.

Youth shirts will be offered in the following colors: Gray, Gold, Natural, Sapphire Blue, and Neon Green.

Add both Adult and Youth Zip hoodies with the embroidery logo.

Adult and Youth pull-over hoodies will have the full flag logo.

Adult V-neck and scoop neck will remain as are.

Ladies jacket will remain as is.

Pricing was adjusted to reflect necessary updates.

Amanda will order the window clings if set up is not associated with the shirts.


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