PTO Character Awards Presented May 19th

GRE PTO was proud to partner with Total Orthodontics in Lonetree for recognizing students for outstanding character, good citizenship, and core values in the classroom.

The PTO distributed nomination forms to every teacher from kindergarten to fifth grade. Those nominations were turned in last week and reviewed at the PTO Board Meeting on Tuesday where one student from each grade level was selected to receive the award.

In partner with Total Orthodontics, the children were recognized this morning during morning announcements and called to the office to receive their award and have their picture taken. In addition, Total Orthodontics presented each child with a $25 gift card to Target for their achievement in the classroom.

We look forward to our partnership with Total Orthodontics to provide Character Awards to our students twice a year, with the next awards being given in the fall following a new round of teacher nominations.

We congratulate the following students:

Kindergarten, Naomi Lashley: “Naomi is always going for the gold.  She helps others before herself, works VERY hard to reach her goals, and has grown so much.  All around great kiddo!”


First Grade, Teague Herbert: “Teague is an amazing loyal friend who includes everyone. He always sets an example”

Second Grade, Ty Steinbeck: “Ty is always respectful. He helps his peers whenever he can by helping them clean-up, cheering them up, etc.”

Third Grade, Zoe McCoy: “Everyday Zoe shows up to school with a smile on her face, willing to give 100% in the classroom, playground, and specials.  She has proven to be a wonderful student and friend.”

Fourth Grade, Megan Cohn: “Megan is new to our school this year and is a very positive addition.  She consistently goes above and beyond in her classwork.  I often use her as an example of high quality work.  She is also kind, thoughtful and consistently demonstrates going for the G.O.L.D.”

Fifth Grade, Christopher King: “Christopher was eager to share post-it notes with his classmates who were running low.  Sharing with others is one of Christopher’s priorities in the classroom and he has made growth in this area throughout the entire year.”

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