November Meeting Minutes



November Meeting Minutes

Gold Rush Elementary Assistance Team


Date: November 8, 2017

Location: Gold Mine Room

Time: 8:50 AM

Meeting called to order by: Angel Zayaz – President

Attendance: Angel Zayaz, Amanda Paschal, Marly Dombrower, Nikki Driessner, Jenny Brown

Approval of Minutes – NA


Officer Reports:


President’s Report: See items below.

  • Angel requested a trash can/receptacle to be installed under the pavilion; trash can to match others on the property.
  • There will be another Community Night at Texas Roadhouse on April 19th


Treasurer’s Report: 


  • Digger Dash: Amanda gave Marly Digger Dash donation details so that she can prepare letters for donations $250 and greater for donor tax purposes. As of today, we made $755 in “Shout-Outs” and $23,095.38 in donations for a total $23,850.38. There may have been 1-2 additional donations in the PTO box this morning. The group discussed where the funds will be applied – most likely for robots/tech. Some items were already purchased so there will be a transfer from PTO funds to the School’s funds to cover those expenses (ipads, ipad carts and other items). If anything is left over after purchase of robots, we will consider the composter for our green initiatives. Amanda moved to transfer funds to Gold Rush, Angel second, motion approved.  The group discussed how to handle insufficient funds/bounced checks. We discussed next year’s fundraiser and how the funds would be spent. Ideas included beautifying the school grounds, more playground equipment, a green house, more tech.


  • We made $26.86 during Texas Roadhouse Community Night.


  • We made $150.00 during Chicken Shack Community Night. Kids enjoyed being served by teachers.


  • PayPal account – to be discussed but Amanda is optimistic about using this tool in the future.


  • There is still no word as to what our “assessment fees” from the district will be for the 2016-2017 school year. Changes at the district continue to be a challenge but Amanda is keeping on top of the situation best she can.


Principal’s Report:

We will be sending out a message to parents letting them know we will be collecting items for veterans. A labeled box will be placed next to the boxes already out for Parker Task Force collection/food drive.


The parking and dismissal procedures were discussed further and after much deliberation and observation, it has been determined that the administration does not need to make changes to the drop off/pick up procedures at this time. Additional parking is still being considered along the bus loop – there could be room for 10-15 spots dedicated for teachers which would free up those spots in the general parking lot.


Angel getting totals from the donations made to the Parker Task Force so that Jenny can add them to her blog.


Committee Reports:


Box Tops: All Box Tops have been submitted. Waiting for official totals, but according to Nikki’s count, we should make $502.30.  A new contest is underway until February 1 for all grades. The class who brings in the most box tops wins a pizza party. The group discussed distributing a zip lock bag and note to all students to bring home for collection purposes and promotion of contest. Theme is “Don’t Toss It, Clip It!” Nikki posted a note on Nextdoor asking neighbors for their Box Tops even if they don’t have children.


Book Fair: Volunteers and staff schedules finalized for the week, especially during the Thanksgiving Feast and Celebration for Learning on Wednesday 11/15. Angel coordinating volunteer rotary members for the Feast.  Guest authors’ locations finalized.


Spirit Wear: ProCorp has been fully paid for all spirit wear and all items have been distributed. After expenses, GREAT profited $1,164.78. We will sell the remaining few shirts and window clings during the Thanksgiving Feast. We will increase the price of the shirts by $5-$10 – TBD.  Discussed selling GRE socks next year.



Upcoming Events:

November 13-17 – Book Fair

November 16th – Colonna’s Pizza

December 12th – PTO meeting


Adjournment of meeting took place at 10:20 AM

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