August Meeting Minutes

Gold Rush Elementary Assistance Team

Meeting Minutes: August 14, 2018

Location: Gold Mine Room

Time: 8:38 am

Meeting called to order by: Angel Zayaz – President

Attendance: Angel Zayaz, Linda Leonard, Amanda Paschal, Jenny Brown, Nikki Driessner, Lizzy Karloff, Tracy Sobran, Rosemary J., Ronnie

Approval of Minutes: Minutes from May meeting were approved.


Officer Reports:

  1. President’s Report: A calendar of events was handed out
  2. Treasurer’s Report:

-Account is currently balanced with main office. Mystery items have been cleared up.

-7 teacher grants have been received and processed, these are due Aug 30th

-Community nights received: Papa Murphy $260.64 & $258.17

-Sprit Wear sold at Meet your teacher was $617.50

-Proposed budget reviewed. Linda moves to approve, Nikki 2nd, motion approved

-Shout out at Digger Dash will be cash only this year due to bounced checks last year


Principle’s Report:

Held Tears and Cheers breakfast for Kindergarten parents. It was a success.

Considering making improvements/changes to the flag ceremony next year


New Business:

Digger Dash – Banner cloth, envelopes, and labels have been purchased. Envelopes will be stuffed on the 17th. Assembly to take place 24th. Jenny will ask teachers about using water bottles this year in an effort to cut down on the waste from paper cups. Cups will still be offered for those who forget their water bottle. Purchasing short level readers to support class room curriculum with funds raised. Goal is $25,000

Western Night – Sell Pony poop deeds and hay ride tickets after school Monday-Thursday next week; Deeds will be added to Thursday folder this week; Need to get teacher items – PTO will offer to pay for food if lunch is offered. PTO will offer 2 or 3 dates for lunches.

Spirit Wear – Will sell at Western Night, Back to School Night, and Assessment day.

Community Nights – Add Papa Johns and look into a Parents Night Out

Box Tops – Made $1,300 last year. Collection dates will be October 24 and February 21. Cutting days will be October 26 & February 22. PTO will give pizza and a teacher gift in February to the top collecting class of the year.



Upcoming events:

    1. August 29– Freddy’s Community Night
    2. September 11 – PTO Meeting


Adjournmentof meeting 10:50am

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