December Meeting Minutes

Gold Rush Elementary Assistance Team

Meeting Minutes: December 12, 2017


Date: December 12, 2017

Location: Lower Conference Room

Time: 8:50 am

Meeting called to order by: Angel Zayaz – President

Attendance: Angel Zayaz, Linda Leonard, Amanda Paschal, Marly Dombrower, Jenny Brown, Kelly Ellis

Approval of Minutes: Minutes from October and November meetings were approved.


Officer Reports:

  1. Treasurer’s Report:

-Digger Dash donations requested to be transferred on November 8th, however Gold Rush does not have the funds to date. Balance of the DD funds have been allocated by the school.

-District assessment fee bill received for $650.70. Linda moves we pay the fee, Angel 2nds, motion approved.

-Spirit Wear we sold several items at the feast and book fair. Let’s do a survey for a spring sale and see if there would be interest in sales, other colors, styles, etc.

-Box Tops still waiting on $502.30 check

-Book Fair: We need to pay Scholastic $1,510.05 and have $3,709.46 transferred (minus postage fee for sending check once it is here) to Gold Rush library.  Local authors donated $30. Angel moves to pay Scholastic and transfer money to GR library, Marly seconds, motion approved.

-PTO has 2 checks from parents from events that have bounced. PTO is currently out the money and will be charged an additional fee. Both parents will be contacted about their checks. All paperwork and events in the future should specify any checks returned for NSF will require the writer to cover fees.


Principle’s Report:

Kindergarten registration is Thursday night

1stgrade received an indoor garden structure from a parent.


New Business:

Kindergarten Registration–PTO will sell window clings $3 each or 2 for $5 to get new parents excited about GR. We do not have sizes to sell spirit wear, however will sell in the spring at kindergarten orientation. PTO will also sell the handful of Scholastic books we have left from a prior sale.

Sock Hop–Set for February 2nd. Need to put together last year’s numbers on pizza, ice cream, and soda. Check candy, face painting (can HS Art club help?).

Set up a sign up for baked goods in packs of 6 and another for volunteers (need to specify the sign up is not for HS students).

Need to confirm DJ and get an invoice.

Need to get change for the event: $200 in $1 bills, $100-$200 in $5’s and $10’s.

January 22-26 we will sell tickets for food and the cake walk after school.

Need to confirm the photo booth.

Need a “traffic” director near the ticket sales to keep people who pre-buy from standing in the line.

Book Fair–Spring fair set for March 12-16, next fall set for November 12-16.


Upcoming events:

    1. January 18 – Chick Fil A Community Night
    2. January 9 – PTO Meeting


Adjournmentof meeting took place at 10:00am


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