January Meeting Minutes

Gold Rush Elementary Assistance Team

Meeting Minutes: January 9, 2018

Location: Gold Mine Room

Time: 8:47 am

Meeting called to order by: Angel Zayaz – President

Attendance: Angel Zayaz, Linda Leonard, Amanda Paschal, Marly Dombrower, Jenny Brown

Approval of Minutes: Minutes from December meeting were approved.


Officer Reports:

  1. Treasurer’s Report:

-NSF District is covering the fee, so GREAT is just out the actual amount of the checks. Parents were contacted and made aware of the issue.

– Transferred GRE Library $3,705.62

– Earned $215.67 at Colonnas Community Night


Principle’s Report:

Held Jump Rope for Hearts assembly.

Thursday will be an all school sing along for MLK/Civil Rights. First for the school. If it goes well, they may do more.

Enrollment this year: 635; next year currently at 595. Expect additional Kindergarten students to enroll between now and stat of school.


New Business:

School Clean Up Day/ Earth Day – At February meeting discuss possibility of family day to address: Planters, Ore Cart, State names on playground, medians, oil stain, trash can at shade structure.

Sock Hop–Kelly is decorating; Marly to run Cake Walk; Jenny will run Cafeteria

Need cake walk sign up and parent volunteer sign up

See about face painting

We will sell advance tickets after school January 22-26

Items need to purchase: cups, napkins, spoons, store items, ice cream, soda, chips, pizzas

Still need to confirm DJ or find an alternate.

Book Fair–Spring fair set for March 12-16, next fall set for November 12-16.


Upcoming events:

    1. January 18 – Chick Fil A Community Night
    2. February 6 – PTO Meeting


Adjournmentof meeting took place at 10:10am

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