September Meeting Minutes

Gold Rush Elementary Assistance Team

Meeting Minutes: September 11, 2018

Location: Gold Mine Room

Time: 8:42 am

Meeting called to order by: Angel Zayaz – President

Attendance: Angel Zayaz, Amanda Paschal, Jenny Brown, Nikki Driessner, Lizzy Karloff, Tracy Sobran, Ronni Wilkinson, Christina Kaufman, Nicole Schultze, Sarah Auberger

Approval of Minutes:


Officer Reports:

  1. President’s Report:  Western Night was good.   Spirit wear- Should we get more?  We have been asked about hoodies, jackets, but not sure we could get enough interest to put in an order.  Long Sleeves was mentioned as another option- maybe not as expensive as a jacket.  Will need to look into more.
  2. Treasurer’s Report:

-Western Night: Revenue- $2,317.50;  Expenses $218.39;  Profit: $2,099.11

-31 of 38 teacher grants have been received and processed.

Motion to approve to expend deadline to Sept 30th   (2ndNikki/  Approved) (Jenny sent out email to incorrect list; reminder has been sent to correct list and will close grants at the end of the September.)

-Digger Dash: Pledges  $180.00; shout- outs $12.00; Expenses $606.47

Funds will be processed every 1-2 days to keep amounts low and more manageable.

Ideally money provided for pledged and shout out can be kept separately since they are tracked separately.

-Running low on Deposit slips.  Motion to approve $50.00 to order more;  Angel 2nd motion approved.

-Proposed District budget reviewed. Move to approve budget; Angel 2nd, motion approved.



Principle’s Report:

Overall the year has started out pretty good. Assemblies for the Digger Dash kick off went great. Funds from Digger Dash will go to Reader Level Books.


New Business:

Digger Dash –Assembly took place on the 24th.   Pledge money is due Oct 19th.  We are going to try water bottles this year in an effort to cut down on the waste (and expense) from paper cups. Cups will still be offered for those who forget their water bottle.   If the idea doesn’t work- we will document and continue to offer water cups. We will have 1 table per class to make it easier for runners to find their water bottles.

New DJ this year- charging discount rate- $200 for the 4 hour event.

Shout-Outs are printed on color, by grade.

Set up:  Starts at 7:30;   DJ will be there to set up. (Angel will be setting up rope around DJ- as to keep people out of center of track.  Classroom Banners will need to be hung up.  Tables carted out to field and set up for Water bottle tables.  Water Cooler set up with Ice/Water at water station. Angel is setting up field -rope around track. Angel is checking on sprinkler schedule; prefer to not have the morning of event so that grass is not wet.  There will be Teacher Name’s Signs that go into a cone to sit on the water bottle tables.

Reggie will be there taking pictures for Yearbook.

Is there a map to help those setting up know how/where to set up tables etc?

Popsicles- Nikki will bring in the morning – they will be kept in freezer. Then groups of them will be brought outside to prep before runners are done, then handed out.   It works well to keep them in the coffee tins, cut the ends and quickly hand out.

Clean up – make sure to take down Classroom banners and move tables back inside.

Purchasing short level readers to support class room curriculum with funds raised. Goal is $25,000.  Consider approving additional funds from last year’s end of year budget to this years’ total transferred to school for Level Reader Books.


New Projects-  Consider new ways to give back to students; Can PTO provide new equipment for recess?  Including balls, jump ropes, baseball bases etc.  Specific list of needs/wants is needed.   We have been offered team game equipment before, but there is not enough staff at recess to organize any (formal) games. So equipment needs to be self-sufficient for the kids. Other items, such as the paint on the playground has to be done by district.   Need to gather and track new ideas and if they can be done by PTO or done by District.



District Meeting–  Amanda and Angel attended the Foundation’s District (PTO Chapters) Meeting.

  • Items can be added to School Buck website. For example we can post our Spirit wear on line for people to order and pay through the district
  • Stocks–  New regulations allow for stocks to be gifted/ donated to schools. Need to learn more about how that is done and get information out to parents.\
  • Company Matching Funds – need to advertise to parents about asking and working with their company to provide matching funds for a fundraiser. This is new for Gold Rush; need a coordinator to help drive process.
  • Live Streaming of meetings- Consider live streaming PTO meetings for parents that are unable to attend. Need a volunteer to coordinate getting it set up; logistics/technology; how to respond to comments during live stream etc.


Spirit Wear –  We need a new Coordinator.  We need to address the question – do we order more this year?  We have been asked about hoodie’s, jackets, maybe long sleeves too. Consideration includes quantity – how much to order drives price point and we are not sure how much we will sell to make it cost effective.   To be reviewed later.

School Bucks- website: This can be used as a tool to collect funds for t-shirts (or other items as needed) by PTO.   There is website training class through the district, that a member will need to attend. Member will then be been given admin rights in order to add new PTO items parents can pay for online.  We will need to learn the complete process – from getting something set up, how a parent pays, how is it reported (so we know to get someone a shirt), how are the funds transferred (how will Amanda get notified, etc), how are (credit card) fees handled (do we have to include in our price per item)?   (It is thought that spirit wear can be listed by sizes- so only the sizes we have available; which would be great.  We will need to formalize the process using this system as a way to track  inventory of shirts and getting them delivered only when paid online for them. )


Community Nights –  Nextone is Texas Roadhouse- Sept 20th.   No new updates at this time


Box Tops – Class competition will be announced before Oct 1 (after digger dash). Cut and counting Event is Oct 26th8:45-11a.  (National submission deadline is Nov 1.)


New Members-  Tracy volunteered to work on taking the Express Check In information of parents who wish to help, and create specific contact lists as a way to easily contact them, as needed, for each event.  Nicole Schultze took everyone’s info and will create a Directory and maintain as new people join.   Lizzy offered to help review/write any communication material (as her background is writer/ editor/ communication/ marketing).    Christina Kaufman will help with Facebook posting; starting with Digger Dash to make sure Parents are getting the information that is important.  (Angel and Christina will need to work together; Angel will provide access to Facebook page.)   We also need an ‘attention’ grabber to post in the Thursday folder to get Parents to like PTO Facebook page. Work with Anita to get text within the email of Thrusday folder to PTO’s FB page (for those not accessing the Thursday folder blog).   This could also be done on Dr Brown Friday email update.  New members feel like information within the Thrusday folder for PTO is getting lost between other school related information.




Upcoming events:

    1. September 20thDigger Dash
    2. September 20th– Community Night- Texas Roadhouse
    3. September 20th  4:30-5:30p– SAC meeting
    4. September 21stNo School
    5. September 27thParent Teacher Conferences
    6. October 4thParent Teacher Conferences
    7. Oct 8-12th –  Fall Break
    8. Oct 16th– PTO Meeting


Adjournmentof meeting 10:40am

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